Why should you invest in Georgia?


Georgia is a transcontinental country at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It forms part of the Caucasus region, bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north and northeast, Turkey to the southwest, Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast.

Easy Business

Georgia boasts an impressive 6th ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Indicators, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors.

Residence Permit

Obtain a Short-Term Residence Permit with an investment of over $100,000 USD.

YOY Fast Increase

Experience a remarkable Year-on-Year increase in demand after the Ukraine conflict, reaching up to 100%. The demand for properties has far outstripped supply, presenting significant investment opportunities.

Cost of Living

 Enjoy a relatively low cost of living, making Georgia an appealing option for expatriates and those seeking affordable living expenses.

Rental Demand

Benefit from a strong and consistent long-term rental demand, offering potential income opportunities for property owners.

Seize the Opportune Moment:

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